____ Are Formed When One Crustal Plate Is Forced Under Another.

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What does continental slope mean in science?

A continental slope is defined by the IHO as “the slope seaward from the shelf to the upper edge of a continental rise or the point where there is a general reduction of slope.

How is a trenches formed quizlet?

Ocean trenches are deep sections of the ocean where an oceanic plate is usually sinking below a continental plate. … They are formed in the subduction zone as the denser oceanic plate is subjected under the continental plate.

Is the Nazca plate convergent or divergent?

The Nazca plate is an oceanic tectonic plate in the southeastern Pacific Ocean that shares both convergent and divergent boundaries corners multiple triple junctions contains three seamount chains overrides four hotspots and is responsible for the creation of the Andean orogeny (Figure 1).

How is the ocean trench formed?

In particular ocean trenches are a feature of convergent plate boundaries where two or more tectonic plates meet. At many convergent plate boundaries dense lithosphere melts or slides beneath less-dense lithosphere in a process called subduction creating a trench. See also how is karma related to reincarnation

What is formed at the ridge trench?

Trench: very deep elongated cavity bordering a continent or an island arc it forms when one tectonic plate slides beneath another. Ridge: underwater mountain range that criss-crosses the oceans and is formed by rising magma in a zone where two plates are moving apart.

What will be formed in ridge trench transform plate boundary?

Deep trenches are features often formed where tectonic plates are being subducted and earthquakes are common. … While the process of forming these mountain ranges is volcanic volcanoes and earthquakes along oceanic spreading ridges are not as violent as they are at convergent plate boundaries.

Mechanism of Plate Tectonics: Mantle Convection Theory Slab Pull Theory

How are ocean ridges and trenches related quizlet?

Mid-ocean ridges are spreading centers that is they are divergent plate boundaries where magma wells up from below creating new oceanic crust. Ocean trenches form where crustal plates plunge back into the mantle. Thus these long narrow depressions are associated with convergent plate boundaries.

What is a mid oceanic ridge where is it formed give an example of one quizlet?

The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is when the seafloor spreads and forms a mountain underwater. An example is the extension from south of Iceland to the extreme South Atlantic Ocean near 60° S latitude.

How is a continental slope formed quizlet?

How is the continental slope formed? They are formed when muddy sediments are washed away or scraped off of the top of the continental plate. The structure then becomes unstable. When the edge becomes unstable the sediments slough off and forms a continental slope.

Which tectonic plates formed the Philippine trench?

The trench formed from a collision between the Palawan and Zamboanga plates. This caused a change in geological processes going from a convergent zone to a subduction zone. The subduction zone is located west to east of the Philippine Islands. See also how do plate tectonics affect humans

What are the different crustal plates?

There are seven major plates: African Antarctic Eurasian Indo-Australian North American Pacific and South American. The Hawaiian Islands were created by the Pacific Plate which is the world’s largest plate at 39 768 522 square miles.

Can petroleum and coal be mined from the continental shelf?

Petroleum and coal can be mined from the continental shelf. Magma from Earth’s interior oozes from the cracks at mid-ocean ridges. It is less expensive to mine minerals from deep-water deposits than from continental shelf deposits. … Magma from Earth’s interior oozes from the cracks at mid-ocean ridges.

What is being formed in ridge trench?

Explanation: Volcanism and formation of new oceanic crust may occur along divergent or leaky transform faults. Transform faults can also occur between two subduction zones (trench-trench or arc-arc transforms) or between a spreading center and a subduction zone (ridge-trench or ridge-arc arc transform).

What causes transform plate boundary explain?

A transform plate boundary occurs when two plates slide past each other horizontally. A well-known transform plate boundary is the San Andreas Fault which is responsible for many of California’s earthquakes. … The movement of Earth’s tectonic plates shape the planet’s surface.

____ Are Formed When One Crustal Plate Is Forced Under Another.?

Trenches occur at convergent plate boundaries. The deep trenches occur where one plate is being subducted under another.

What marks the true edge of a continent?

The continental slope marks the true edge of the continent where the rock that makes up the continent stops and the rock of the ocean floor begins. Beyond this slope is the abyssal plain (C) a smooth and nearly flat area of the ocean floor.

What is the continental slope quizlet?

Continental slope. the steep gradient that leads to the deep-ocean floor and marks the seaward edge of the continental shelf.

What is the force that drives plate movement?

Heat and gravity are fundamental to the process The energy source for plate tectonics is Earth’s internal heat while the forces moving the plates are the “ridge push” and “slab pull” gravity forces. It was once thought that mantle convection could drive plate motions.

When Plates Collide

What forces control the shape of the continental shelf A continental slope a continental rise?

Sediments typically control the shape of the continental slopes. A continental rise is the sediment that forms the gentle transition from the outer (lower) edge of the continental slope and the abyssal plain.

Where does the oceanic trench formed?

Ocean trenches are steep depressions in the deepest parts of the ocean [where old ocean crust from one tectonic plate is pushed beneath another plate raising mountains causing earthquakes and forming volcanoes on the seafloor and on land.

What is a transform plate boundary quizlet?

Transform Boundary. A boundary where the two plates slide against each other in a sideways motion. As two plates slide past one another neither plate is added to at the boundary or destroyed.

What is a ridge quizlet?

an undersea mountain chain where new ocean floor is produced at a divergent plate boundary. … a divergent plate boundary.

What is the difference between ocean ridges and trenches?

Ocean ridges are boundaries where plates are being created whereas trenches are boundaries where plates are being destroyed (subducted). Earthquakes occur along ALL plate boundaries consequently they provide an ideal demarcation of individual plates.

What is it called when a lithospheric plate descends into the mantle?

Subduction is the tectonic process at convergent margins by which slabs of oceanic lithosphere descend into the mantle.


Which plate boundary is formed between the Philippine Plate and the Eurasian Plate?

subduction zoneThe Nankai Trough subduction zone is a typical subduction system characterized by subduction of multiple geological units of the Philippine Sea Plate (the Kyushu-Palau Ridge the Shikoku Basin the Kinan Seamount Chain and the Izu-Bonin Arc) beneath the Eurasian Plate in the southwest of Japan.

How is a mid-ocean ridge formed quizlet?

A mid-ocean ridge or mid-oceanic ridge is an underwater mountain range formed by plate tectonics. This uplifting of the ocean floor occurs when convection currents rise in the mantle beneath the oceanic crust and create magma where two tectonic plates meet at a divergent boundary.

What are continental shelves quizlet?

continental shelf. the sloping shelf of land consisting of the edges of the continents under the ocean.

What happens when two oceanic plates converge?

As with oceanic-continental convergence when two oceanic plates converge one is usually subducted under the other and in the process a trench is formed. The Marianas Trench (paralleling the Mariana Islands) for example marks where the fast-moving Pacific Plate converges against the slower moving Philippine Plate. See also what is life like in a communist country

What type of plate boundary occurs between the Nazca plate and the South American plate?

According to the given figures convergent oceanic-oceanic plate boundary takes place between the South American Plate and the Nazca Plate. The Peru–Chile Trench outlines the boundary between the subducting Nazca Plate and the overriding South American Plate. The trench was created thanks to a convergent boundary.

What is formed when two continental plates collide?

What happens when two continental plates collide? … Instead a collision between two continental plates crunches and folds the rock at the boundary lifting it up and leading to the formation of mountains and mountain ranges.

What transform fault is occurs in lithosphere?

Oceanic transform faults are long-term stable features and are intrinsic elements of the spreading process (Gerya 2010 2012). They are also present in continental lithosphere where they may connect segments of subduction zones or a spreading ridge and a collision zone (Gerya 2016 and references therein).


What is a submarine canyon and how are they formed quizlet?

The continental shelf cut into by giant glaciers leaving huge U-shaped submarine canyons. Submarine canyon. A deep V-shaped canyon found below sea level that ran perpendicular to the canyons. Island. Large abyssal that is extended above sea level.

What is that ridge that divides into two ridges?

BIFURCATION: A ridge characteristic which occurs when a friction ridge splits into two and the friction ridges on either side diverge to make room for it.

What is the flat vast deep sea ocean floor called?

the abyssal plainThe ocean floor is called the abyssal plain.