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Who was Ares in love with?

ARES The god of war had a long love affair with Aphrodite which lasted for the duration of her marriage to Hephaistos and beyond. She bore him four divine sons: Eros, Anteros, Deimos, Phobos; and a daughter: Harmonia. DIONYSOS The god of wine who had a short affair with Aphrodite.

History of Bacchae

The Bacchae, as we know it, was first produced in Athens under the direction of Euripides’ son, also called Euripides, in perhaps 405 BC, a year or two after his father’s death, but when the tragedian first presented the play he was in Macedonia at the court of Archelaus ()

Why is Pan named Pan?

Pan’s Role Pan was born a mature child in Arcadia; his distinct appearance (half goat, half man) delighted the hearts of all gods, which is why they named him Pan (meaning all).

How many pages is The Bacchae?

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What is the point of The Bacchae?

One purpose of the Bacchae is to illustrate the divergence between the secular and religious points of view – or, in the play’s terms, between the perspective of Pentheus and Dionysus or Thebes and Cithaeron.

Who killed King Pentheus of Thebes?

Agave, daughter of Cadmus, killed Pentheus, son of Echion, at the instigation of Father Liber [Dionysos].” Ovid, Metamorphoses 3.

What was the anagnorisis in the Bacchae?

The ending of The Bacchae is remarkable because nobody learns anything. If you listen to Aristotle, tragedies are supposed to end with the hero having an anagnorisis. This is Greek for a moment of realization or recognition.

Where does bacchanalian come from?

The Bacchanalia were Roman festivals of Bacchus, the Greco-Roman god of wine, freedom, intoxication and ecstasy. They were based on the Greek Dionysia and the Dionysian Mysteries, and probably arrived in Rome c. 200 BC via the Greek colonies in southern Italy, and from Etruria, Rome’s northern neighbour.


What is the conflict in The Bacchae?

The conflicts between Pentheus and Dionysus clearly involve an opposition of city and wild, culture and nature, rationality and emotion, male and female. Further in the background stands another series of antitheses: mortal and immortal, man and beast, Greek and barbarian, heavens and earth, fire and water.

How do you pronounce the Bacchae?

Who is the tragic hero in The Bacchae?

For one, Pentheus has a clear hamartia. This word is most commonly translated as “tragic flaw,” but is more accurately described as an “error in judgment” or a “missing of the mark.” The King makes the error of errors by trying to defy the god Dionysus.

Why is Agave punished?

To punish Agave for her gossipy ways, Dionysus makes her go crazy, turn into a Maenad, and lead the rest of the ladies in town in the wine-soaked rituals up on Mt. Cithaeron. The final punishment comes when Dionysus makes Agave think that Pentheus is a lion.

How many acts are in The Bacchae?

The Bacchae Three Act Plot Analysis.

How was The Bacchae performed?

The play begins before the palace at Thebes, with Dionysus telling the story of his birth and his reasons for visiting the city. … Dionysus exits to the mountains, and the chorus (composed of the titular Bacchae) enters. They perform a choral ode in praise of Dionysus. Then Tiresias, the blind and elderly seer, appears.

What does the word Bacchae mean?

Definition of Bacchae 1 : the female attendants or priestesses of Bacchus. 2 : the women participating in the Bacchanalia.

Is The Bacchae a tragedy or a comedy?

The Bacchae , also known as The Bacchantes (Gr: Bakchai ), is a late tragedy by the ancient Greek playwright Euripides, and it is considered one of his best works and one of the greatest of all Greek tragedies.

How long is The Bacchae play?

Running time is approximately 100 minutes, no intermission. This production is not recommended for persons under 12. Packed with striking scenes, frenzied emotion, and choral songs of great power and beauty, Bacchae endures as one of Euripides’s greatest surviving works.

What is the core structuralist conflict at the heart of The Bacchae?

major conflictDionysus the protagonist arrives in Thebes to demonstrate his divinity and punish the family of Cadmus. The King of Thebes, Pentheus, is a violent opponent of Dionysian worship and rites.

What year is The Bacchae set in?

The Bacchae is a Greek tragedy written by the playwright Euripides (c. 484-406 BCE) in 407 BCE, which portrays Pentheus as an impious king, for the ruler of Thebes has denied the worship of Dionysus within his city walls.

What is Sparagmus and Omophagy?

In Dionysian rite as represented in myth and literature, a living animal, or sometimes even a human being, is sacrificed by being dismembered. Sparagmos was frequently followed by omophagia (the eating of the raw flesh of the one dismembered).

Who is the chorus in The Bacchae?

The chorus is a group of Bacchae that Dionysus accumulated during his journeying through Asia. They don’t get involved in the action, but serve as a way of heightening the drama.

Who wrote The Bacchae?

In what time period was The Bacchae originally written and performed?

Euripides. The Bacchae is an ancient Greek tragedy by Euripedes that was first performed in 405 BC.

How do you say Bacchus?

The Bacchae: A Dionysus Story | Greek Mythology

Why does Pentheus finally put on the outfit of the Bacchants?

Pentheus, “so eager to see what [he] should not see, and strive to achieve what should not be sought,” enters dressed as a female bacchant. It is the god Dionysus who now overtly controls the conversation and manipulates Pentheus as he would a puppet.

Why is The Bacchae a tragedy?

Like Hippolytus, the play reveals the awesome power of a spurned deity, who devastates and destroys those such as Pentheus who refuse to worship him. Dionysus’ appearance and dominance on stage, however, makes it the ultimate tragedy of revenge.

Why is Cadmus punished in the Bacchae?

I punished him because an annoying old crout and the grandfather of that so-called King of Thebes. He was part of the same vile society that punished my mother for the Truth. The only one I spared was Tiresias for his efforts in persuading the public and the King to bow down to my divinity.

The Bacchae

Why is Dionysus angry at the beginning of The Bacchae?

Dionysus, the god of wine, prophecy, religious ecstasy, and fertility, returns to his birthplace in Thebes in order to clear his mother’s name and to punish the insolent city state for refusing to allow people to worship him.