Football chiefs will tear up the penalty rulebook to ban the game after Emi Martinez’s World C…

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EMI MARTINEZ has been warned by football’s lawmakers: We’re coming for you.

The Aston Villa keeper’s World Cup shootout antics for Argentina will see a major change in penalty rules next season.

Martinez was the hero in the shootout wins over Holland and France as the South Americans prevailed in Qatar.

But his gamesmanship and delaying tactics aimed at destabilizing opponents infuriated the international FA board.

Ifab is making changes that will limit goalkeepers from interfering and trying to psych out penalty takers from the next period.

Martinez used every trick in the book to discourage opponents from the shootout. The goalkeeper:

Martinez was not the only one whose behavior was seen as a step too far by Fifa and Ifab.

Holland’s Andries Noppert also tried it and there was concern over Australian stopper Andrew Redmayne’s crazy goal line dance.

As a result, Ifab agreed last week that goalkeepers should not be allowed to delay penalties or “unfairly distract” the kicker.


It will now look to draft new rules to be ratified at the AGM in London in March before the laws are rewritten.

Earlier this month, FIFA announced that it had “opened a case” against Argentina over “potential breaches of the disciplinary code” and “regulations related to the media and marketing regulations”.