How Do Typical Wind Speeds In Jupiter’S Atmosphere Compare To Typical Wind Speeds On Earth?

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What is the pressure on Jupiter compared to Earth?

While as a gas giant Jupiter has no surface per se astronomers believe that within Jupiter’s atmosphere where the atmospheric pressure is equal to 1 bar (which is equal to Earth’s at sea level) Jupiter experiences a gravitational force of 24.79 m/s2 (which is the equivalent of 2.528 g).

Can you walk on Jupiter?

There is no firm surface on Jupiter so if you tried to stand on the planet you sink down and be crushed by the intense pressure inside the planet. … If you could stand on the surface of Jupiter you would experience intense gravity. The gravity at Jupiter’s surface is 2.5 times the gravity on Earth. See also what animals have no natural predators

Why is Jupiter denser than Saturn Why is Jupiter denser than Saturn?

Jupiter is denser than Saturn because it 3 times more massive. Gravity makes it denser. Jovian planets are not quite spherical because of their rapid rotation.

What is the pressure at Jupiter’s core?

The pressure at the center of Jupiter is much higher. At Jupiter’s core you would feel as much as 650 million pounds of pressure pressing down on every square inch of your body.

How many atmospheres are there on Jupiter?

four layers
The atmosphere of Jupiter is classified into four layers by increasing altitude: the troposphere stratosphere thermosphere and exosphere. Unlike the Earth’s atmosphere Jupiter’s lacks a mesosphere.

How does the atmospheric pressure at Jupiter’s core compare to the atmospheric pressure at Earth’s surface?

Pressure. … At Jupiter’s core the pressure is estimated at 100 million atmospheres or 735 000 tons per square inch. In comparison the Earth’s core sustains a pressure of 3 million atmospheres or 22 000 tons per square inch.

Does Jupiter have a dense core?

According to most theories Jupiter has a dense core of heavy elements that formed during the early solar system. The solid core of ice rock and metal grew from a nearby collection of debris icy material and other small objects such as the many comets and asteroids that were zipping around four billion years ago.

How much greater is the atmospheric pressure of Jupiter than Earth’s more than?

The atmospheric pressure in Jupiter’s core is about 100 million times greater than the atmospheric pressure on the Earth’s surface.

Which planet takes more time for rotation than revolution?

Venus is the planet which takes more time to complete one rotation than its revolution. It takes 243 earth days to complete 1 rotation and 224.7 earth days to complete one revolution.

Which of the following best explains why Jupiter’s density is higher than Saturn’s?

Because Jupiter and Saturn have nearly identical composition Jupiter’s higher density indicates that its interior is more compressed than Saturn’s. This greater compression is due to gravity which is stronger for Jupiter because of its greater mass.

What is Jupiter’s gravity compared to Earth?

Although Jupiter is a great deal larger in size its surface gravity is just 2.4 times that of the surface gravity of Earth. This is because Jupiter is mostly made up of gases. If you weigh 100 pounds on Earth you would weigh 240 pounds on Jupiter (assuming you could find someplace to well stand).

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What’s inside Jupiter’s core?

Jupiter’s core contains some rock and hydrogen metals. … The accepted theory holds that it consists of a dense core made of a mixture of elements the core is thought to be surrounded by a layer of liquid metallic hydrogen and helium then the outer layer is to be dominated by molecular hydrogen. See also what type of energy does a calculator use

How do the size and mass of Jupiter’s core compare to the size and mass of Earth?

How do the size and mass of Jupiter’s core compare to the size and mass of Earth? It is about the same size but is 10 times more massive. … Jupiter’s greater mass compresses it more thus increasing its density.

Which planet has a density that is less than the density of liquid water?

SaturnIn fact the mass of Saturn is low enough such that the overall density of Saturn is less than the density of liquid water on Earth.

What would happen to Jupiter if we could somehow double its mass?

What would happen to Jupiter if we could somehow double its mass? Its density would increase but its diameter would barely change. … Each of these gases condenses at a different temperature and hence at a different altitude in Jupiter’s atmosphere.

Which planet has the highest recorded winds in the solar system?

NeptuneNeptune the eighth and farthest planet from the sun has the strongest winds in the solar system. At high altitudes speeds can exceed 1 100 mph. That is 1.5 times faster than the speed of sound. In 1989 NASA’s Voyager 2 spacecraft made the first and only close-up observations of Neptune.

Why does Saturn have a lower average density than Jupiter?

Uranus and Neptune are mostly ice and Saturn is mostly gas so it’s less dense. Above Saturn’s mass the gravity of the planet tends to increase its density so Jupiter is more dense than Saturn.

Is Jupiters core melting?

Literally. New simulations suggest that Jupiter’s rocky core has been liquefying melting and mixing with the rest of the planet’s innards. … This new research on a melting Jovian core bolsters a mixing model of gas giant planets and would provide another avenue for heavier elements to flow throughout the planet.

What is the wind like on Jupiter?

Jupiter’s wind appears to be driven by internal heat rather than from solar insolation. A probe dropped by the Galileo spacecraft late in 1995 provided evidence of wind speeds of more than 400 mph and some lightning.

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How does the sun mass and size compare with Jupiter?

In terms of size Jupiter is 142 984 km (88 846 miles) in diameter across its equator. If you just compare that to Earth it’s 11.2 times the diameter of Earth. But then it’s only 10% the diameter of the Sun. … In fact Jupiter is 2.5 times more than the mass of all the other planets in the Solar System.

How Do Typical Wind Speeds In Jupiter’s Atmosphere Compare To Typical Wind Speeds On Earth??

How do typical wind speeds in Jupiter’s atmosphere compare to typical wind speeds on Earth? They are much faster than hurricane winds on Earth. … Jupiter’s magnetic field is about 20 000 times as strong as Earth’s.

How does Jupiter’s core compare to Earth?

How does Jupiter’s core compare to Earth’s? It is about the same size but is 10 times more massive. … Jupiter’s greater mass compresses it more thus increasing its density.

Why is Jupiter’s core hotter than Earth’s?

Unlike Earth whose temperature varies as one moves closer to or farther from the equator Jupiter’s temperature depends more on height above the surface. This is because heat is driven not by the sun but by the interior of the planet. Jupiter is made up predominantly of hydrogen with some helium.

How does Jupiter’s density and period of rotation compared to Earth’s?

Jupiter is less dense and has a shorter period of rotation.

Why does Jupiter have a lower density?

Density of Jupiter:See also how did the congress of vienna ensure peace in europe Despite their incredible size and mass the lower density is due to them being largely composed of noble gases which are maintained in states ranging from gaseous to solid.

Is Jupiter a failed star?

“Jupiter is called a failed star because it is made of the same elements (hydrogen and helium) as is the Sun but it is not massive enough to have the internal pressure and temperature necessary to cause hydrogen to fuse to helium the energy source that powers the sun and most other stars.

Why is Uranus called the lying planet?

The Uranian system has a unique configuration because its axis of rotation is tilted sideways nearly into the plane of its solar orbit. Its north and south poles therefore lie where most other planets have their equators.

Can we live in Pluto?

It is irrelevant that Pluto’s surface temperature is extremely low because any internal ocean would be warm enough for life. This could not be life depending on sunlight for its energy like most life on Earth and it would have to survive on the probably very meagre chemical energy available within Pluto.

Does Jupiter have a small rocky core?

Jupiter hasa rocky core that is more than twice as large as previously thought researchers announced today. … They found Jupiter’s core is an Earth-likerock that’s 14 to 18 times the mass of Earth or about 5 percent of Jupiter’stotal mass.

Why won’t Pluto collide with Neptune Why won’t Pluto collide with Neptune?

Why won’t Pluto collide with Neptune? Pluto orbits the Sun exactly 2 times for every 3 Neptune orbits which ensures they never come close together. … Pluto is always much farther from the Sun than Neptune. Pluto orbits the Sun exactly 2 times for every 3 Neptune orbits which ensures they never come close together.

What would someone from Jupiter be called?

In practice forms ending in -ean may be pronounced as if they were spelled -ian even if the e is long in Latin.

Planets and planetoids.

Name Adjective Demonym
Jupiter Jovian Jovial Jupiterian Zeusian Jovian
Makemake Makemakean
Mars Martian Martial Arean Martian

Which planet has the lowest average density?

SaturnJupiter is the largest planet in the solar system but it’s Saturn—the solar system’s second largest planet—that takes the prize for least dense. It’s less dense than water which has led many people to postulate that it would float.

What is Jupiter’s atmospheric pressure?


Apparent magnitude −2.94 to −1.66
Angular diameter 29.8″ to 50.1″
Surface pressure 200–600 kPa (opaque cloud deck)

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Does it rain diamonds on Jupiter?

New research by scientists apparently shows that it rains diamonds on Jupiter and Saturn. … According to the research lightning storms on the planets turn methane into soot which hardens into chunks of graphite and then diamonds as it falls.

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