Sergio Aguero believes why Lionel Messi can play at the 2026 World Cup

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Lionel Messi has finished playing in the FIFA World Cup after winning the competition last month and claiming the trophy that had eluded him for so long in his football career.

However, Messi does not end his career with the national team. The 35-year-old will continue to play and will likely, barring an injury, take part in the 2024 Copa America and defend his trophy. Nevertheless, former Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero does not want Messi to leave and fight for 2026.

Aguero appeared on Friday’s ESPN F90 (h/t Infobae), where the former player believes Messi can stay with the national team and help defend the 2026 World Cup trophy.

“If he continues this routine, I think he can easily reach [the 2026 World Cup]; after all, everything comes from the head, from the mentality,” said Aguero. “But you never know, there he wants to relax, he’s tired and you have to respect him. But for now, he’s enjoying himself. But taking care of yourself can… that’s three more years. At this World Cup, he showed that you can be physically fit.

Messi will be 37 when the Copa America kicks off next year and the Paris Saint-Germain star will be 39 when the North American World Cup kicks off in three years.

Given his age, the veteran is unlikely to be part of the 2026 team, but if he is open, manager Lionel Scaloni may not hesitate to take him to the last dance.