Thomas Cavendish

Where was Thomas Cavendish from?

Who was Thomas Cavendish and what was he famous for?

Thomas Cavendish (1560-1592 CE) was an Elizabethan mariner and privateer who famously circumnavigated the globe in 1586-88 CE, only the third voyage to do so and the first to set sail with that specific intention.

What did Thomas Cavendish discover?

On July 21, 1586, he sailed from Plymouth with 123 men in three vessels. He reached the Patagonian coast of South America, where he discovered Port Desire, now Puerto Deseado, Arg., his only significant contribution to geographical knowledge.

Was Thomas Cavendish a pirate?

The Navigator is the name often used to refer to Sir Thomas Cavendish. He was an accomplished explorer and pirate much like Sir Francis Drake. Thomas Cavendish was one of the first men and pirates to plan and accomplish circumnavigating the earth and is proof that not all men became pirates to escape poverty.

History of Thomas Cavendish