What Happened To Earth In The Outer Worlds

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What planets can you land on in outer worlds?

The Outer Worlds Locked Planets – Can You Access Them?

  • Erydan.
  • Hephaistos.
  • Olympus.
  • Typhon.

Do I have to destroy Edgewater?

The colony is at a crisis point–they aren’t enough resources to go around. … Wipe out Edgewater completely and that will be less resources being leeched from the Board. You don’t have to do the dirty deed yourself. Adjutant Sophia has provided a number of automechanicals to wipe out the town for you.

What is the point of no return outer worlds?

Going to Tartarus is the point of no return so if there’s any side content you’ve left undone – now’s the time to do it. Once you reach the prison make your way through the complex until you come across Chairman Rockwell. He will confront you and your party and you can either convince him to let you go or kill him.

Can you continue outer worlds after ending?

Unfortunately you can’t play beyond The Outer Worlds’ ending. … So enjoy The Outer Worlds and you can replay it from the start or load a saved game but once the credits roll your character is done.

How long does it take to 100% The Outer Worlds?

When focusing on the main objectives The Outer Worlds is about 13 Hours in length. If you’re a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game you are likely to spend around 37 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

What Happened To Earth In The Outer Worlds?

During the course of the game it is eventually revealed that the last Earth Directorate ship headed for Earth from Halcyon the Cornelius Vanderbilt vanished apparently discovering something that led to Earth “going dark” effectively cutting off all communications and supplies from Earth to Halcyon and numerous …

Where should I skip hope?

With all the piece in place you’ll need to skip The Hope to another location for your chosen plan to be set in motion. If you’re siding with Phineas you’ll be skipping the Hope to Terra 2 near his lab if you’re siding with Halcyon you will skip to Tartarus.

The Outer Worlds Lore: The Prequel – A Timeline of Events Before The Stranger Awoke

Can you go to Hephaestus outer worlds?

Though players haven’t been able to visit Hephaestus there are references to it throughout the game. The description on the map for the planet lets players know that it’s home to the Hephaestus Mining Company who were the first to land on the planet and claim it as their own.

How many planets are in the outer world?

Locations in The Outer Worlds refers to the many areas that players may explore within the game. In The Outer Worlds players can expect to explore two Planets (that we know of) several space stations and asteroids within a distant Solar System.

The Outer Worlds – Byzantium’s Dark SECRET Hidden Area – Outer Worlds Lore

Will there be a outer worlds 2?

The Outer Worlds Obsidian Entertainment’s acclaimed role-playing game is getting a sequel — The Outer Worlds 2. The game was revealed during Microsoft’s E3 2021 presentation on Sunday. The Outer Worlds 2 will come to Xbox Series X and Windows PC. … “New solar system new crew same Outer Worlds.

The Outer Worlds Bad Ending (Side With Sophia Akande)

How many endings does The Outer Worlds have?

three different endingsThe Outer Worlds essentially has three different endings: the good ending “Save the Hope” the bad ending “Sacrifice the Hope” and the crash and burn ending because of course there’s got to be a way to sink even lower than the plain old “bad” ending.

How do you unlock Tartarus in Outer Worlds?

Tartarus is unlike any of the other Outer Worlds planets. Though it is accessible to players it doesn’t unlock until the very end of the game for the final quest. Once players touch down on its surface it’s the start of the end of the game. See also who explained the behavior of positively charged particles

Can you go to every planet in The Outer Worlds?

As of right now you can’t explore any of the four locked planets shown on your Halcyon map in The Outer Worlds. The quick answer to the question of whether you can explore locked planets in The Outer Worlds is no you can’t.

How big is Outerworlds?

Storage: 40 GB available space. See also what is the difference between genotype and phenotype

Will outer worlds have DLC?

The Outer Worlds DLC Release Date: September 9 2020.

What year does Outer Worlds take place?

2355The game takes place in the year 2355 in the Halcyon System.

How long are outer worlds DLC?

Peril On Gorgon – During this DLC the crew of the Unreliable travel to a mysterious place called Gorgon and begin an investigation. The main story of the expansion lasts about 4 hours. But if you want to experience everything Peril On Gorgon has in store then you’re in for around a 15-hour playthrough.

What planet do you start on in outer worlds?

You start the game by landing on Emerald Vale a region on the planet Terra-2.

What’s next for outer worlds?

What is The Outer Worlds 2 release date? Given the first game released in October 2019 it’s unlikely The Outer Worlds 2 will release before Holiday 2022 at the earliest and may well be planned for 2023.

Where is chairman Rockwell?

Chairman Rockwell is an NPC in The Outer Worlds. NPCs are not able to be controlled by the player but interacted with and are often a part of Quests within the game.

Chairman Rockwell
Location: Byzantium

Should I skip the Hope yourself Outer Worlds?

Patch ADA through the Hope’s computer system and decide where to Skip The Hope. It is advised you save here so that you can do multiple endings. You can take the Hope to Tartarus if you’ve completed Foundation or to Terra 2 if you’ve completed The City and the Stars.

What happens if you send Minister Clarkes message to Earth?

The Lying Earth Walkthrough Clarke will ask you to use Rockwell’s access to message Earth. … You can also send Minister Clarke’s message completing the Lying Earth quest and earning you a small amount of Negative Reputation with The Board.

How do I speak to Minister Clarke?

Walk up the stairs and around to the right using the banister as cover from the two guards on the left then hide behind the curtain to your left to get around the patrolling guard. Now make your way to the other side of the landing through the door and speak to Minister Clarke.

The Outer Worlds – SECRET ENDING // Flying Hope Directly Into the Sun (Dumb Dialogue)

How do I start Eridanos?

To start the Murder on Eridanos DLC players have to progress through the main story and beat the Radio Free Monarch quest or the Signal Point in Space quest. View the quests by going into the menu and scrolling down. At least one should be in the “Completed” tab.

Is outer world DLC free?

‘Peril on Gorgon’ the first DLC for ‘The Outer Worlds’ arrives after a long wait. … Back in October 2019 The Outer Worlds was a real surprise. It proved to be an incredible game–one made “free” on day one through Xbox Game Pass–and was rightly praised by players but didn’t get the awards recognition it deserved. See also when two oceanic plates collide the result may be

Can you romance in outer worlds?

In the new action RPG from Obsidian The Outer Worlds players will not have the opportunity to romance their companions whatsoever.

How many DLC Will the outer worlds have?

two DLCsIts positive reception even led to the release of two DLCs Peril on Gorgon and Murder on Eridanos. The former released in September 2020 while the latter released this month. Both DLCs require players to solve mysteries but the circumstances of each story vary.

Can you go to Eridanos?

Players will be able to travel to Eridanos once they get gain access to the landing pad at Stellar Bay on Monarch. This means that finishing the game is not necessary and players will be able to access the new content by speaking to ADA as soon as the landing pad is unlocked.

Where is Byzantium in Outerworlds?

Byzantium is one of the Locations in The Outer Worlds. Byzantium is a prosperous city in Terra 2 that acts as the “Capital” of the system and the residence of The Board..

How much dimethyl sulfoxide should I take?

You have to choose between taking all the Dimethyl Sulfoxide killing the test subjects (but having enough to revive the colonists) or taking a quarter of it — keeping the subjects alive but making it unlikely to save all the colonists. Taking all the Dimethyl Sulfoxide results in all of the colonists being revived.

What is the max level in The Outer Worlds?

The new DLC added three new levels upping up the level cap to 36. The rough estimates to attain those three levels clock in at an average of seven hours of game time. It’s worth noting that without the DLCs Outer Worlds only has a level cap of 30.May 30 2021

Can you go to Typhon outer worlds?

Typhon. The planet Typhon actually has ties to two already unlocked areas in The Outer Worlds Tartarus and Gorgon though the latter is only available through the first DLC Peril on Gorgon.

Do I turn in Phineas Wells?

We can say that it doesn’t immediately end the game. You’ll head to Byzantium the capital of Halcyon and start working for and with the corporations. Turning him in sets you off on a path siding with the mega-corporations and maintaining the status quo rather than fighting the system or improving lives.

Where is Lilya Hagen?

Lilya Hagen
Faction: Sublight Salvage & Shipping
Location: Groundbreaker