What is a Mortgagor?

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How do you read a mortgagor?

What is the or EE rule in real estate?

With mortgages, many people do not understand why the mortgagor is the “OR” when they are the borrower receiving the money. … The mortgage pledges the property as collateral for the loan if the mortgagor fails to pay the mortgagee according to the terms of the loan. That’s it for the OR-EE rule.

What is the opposite of mortgagor?

borrower. Noun. ? Opposite of the owner of a house. renter.

Is a mortgagor the same as a borrower?

A mortgagor is someone who borrows money to pay for their home. The mortgagor is often referred to as the borrower or client. A mortgagee is an entity that lends the mortgagor money. This entity is typically referred to as the lender.

Does the mortgage company own my house?

Simply put, yes, you do own your home but your mortgage lender does have interest in the property based on documents signed at closing. … Deed of Trust this document lists the legal obligations and rights of you and the lender. It also states the lender’s right to foreclose on the home if you default on the loan.

How can I remember or EE?

What type of interest does a mortgagee have in the land?

TORRENS MORTGAGES As the mortgagor retains title, the mortgagee has no right to possession. There can also be more than one charge over the land. Upon valid registration, the mortgagee has a charge over the land. If the mortgagee does not register, it will amount to an equitable interest at general law.

What is the collateral in a blanket mortgage?

A blanket mortgage is a single mortgage that covers two or more pieces of real estate. The real estate is held together as collateral, but the individual properties may be sold without retiring the entire mortgage. Blanket mortgages are commonly used by developers, real estate investors, and flippers.

What best explains the relationship between a borrower’s?

What best explains the relationship between a borrower’s credit score and a down payment requirement? Someone with a high credit score may be required to make a lower down payment.

What is the difference between a lender and an investor?

A lender does exactly what the word says-they lend you money that you must pay back, usually with interest. An investor puts money into a business, projects, schemes, ideas and so on, with the expectation of having a stake in the profits.

Who are called borrowers?

A person or company that has received money from another party with the agreement that the money will be repaid.

Is the mortgagor the owner?

The mortgagee is basically the bank that gave you a mortgage, and you are the mortgagor. Technically, the bank or lending institution is the legal owner of your home until you pay off your loan. The mortgagee can seize your home in the event you default.

What does first mortgagee mean?

First Mortgagee means the Mortgagee of a First Mortgage. The term “First Mortgagee” shall also include an insurer or governmental guarantor of a First Mortgage including, without limitation, the Federal Housing Authority and the Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

What is another name for a lender?

What is another word for lender?

bank banker
moneylender pawnbroker
pawnshop Shylock
usurer loan company
loan shark moneymonger

What is another word for mortgagor?

What is another word for mortgagor?

debtor borrower
deadbeat drawee
loanee nonpayer
pledger purchaser
risk welsher

Is a mortgagor a creditor?

As a mechanism of security, a mortgage is a promise by the debtor (mortgagor) to repay the creditor (mortgagee) for the amount borrowed or credit extended, with real estate put up as security.

How do you remember mortgagor and mortgagee?

A. My husband, who was a Realtor, gave me a quick way to remember: mOrtgagOr has two “O”s in it and so does bOrrOwer. MortgagEE has two “E”s in it, and so does lEndEr. Grown-up explanation: the “or” and “er” words are for the person who does something.

Who is the mortgagor and mortgagee?

A mortgagee is a lender: specifically, an entity that lends money to a borrower for the purpose of purchasing real estate. In a mortgage transaction, the lender serves as the mortgagee and the borrower is known as the mortgagor.

What are the 4 types of loans?


  • Personal Loan.
  • Business Loan.
  • Home Loan.
  • Gold Loan.
  • Rental Deposit Loan.
  • Loan Against Property.
  • Two & Three Wheeler Loan.
  • Personal Loan for Self-employed Individuals.

Can a person be a mortgagee?

Can a person be a mortgagee? Yes. Anyone who lends you money to buy a home and enters into a mortgage contract with you can be a mortgagee. When you sign a mortgage contract with an individual, it’s called a private mortgage.

What is the relationship between mortgagee and mortgagor?

If the exercise of the power of sale produces more than necessary for discharging the mortgagor’s liability to the mortgagee, the mortgagee holds the surplus on trust for any subsequent mortgagees and the mortgagor6.

Who can be a mortgagee?

A mortgagee is a person or entity that lends money to a borrower to purchase real estate. The mortgagee creates a priority legal interest in the value of the property, and this protects the lender in case the borrower is unable to repay the loan in full or defaults.

Does a mortgagor give a mortgage?

A mortgagor is that who borrows money from a lender in order to purchase a home or other piece of real estate. Mortgagors can obtain mortgage loans with varying terms based on their credit profile and collateral. In a mortgage loan the mortgagor must pledge the title to the real property as collateral for the loan.

What is a Mortgagor?

What is in a mortgage?

A mortgage payment is typically made up of four components: principal, interest, taxes and insurance. The Principal portion is the amount that pays down your outstanding loan amount. Interest is the cost of borrowing money. The amount of interest you pay is determined by your interest rate and your loan balance.