What Is Another Name For Consumption

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What is the modern word for consumption?

1 depletion exploitation utilization.

What is the intake of food called?

Ingestion is the consumption of a substance by an organism. This is accomplished by taking in the substance through the mouth into the gastrointestinal tract such as through eating or drinking.

What is meaning of consumption in economics?

consumption in economics the use of goods and services by households. Consumption is distinct from consumption expenditure which is the purchase of goods and services for use by households.

What are the different types of consumption?

According to mainstream economists only the final purchase of newly produced goods and services by individuals for immediate use constitutes consumption while other types of expenditure — in particular fixed investment intermediate consumption and government spending — are placed in separate categories (see …

Is it time consuming or time consuming?

Generally speaking it’s hyphenated when used as a modifier (“a time-consuming chore”) but not otherwise (“this is very time consuming”). But with hyphens there are few rules and what you mostly have to rely on are guidelines.

What’s the antonym of time consuming?

What is the opposite of time-consuming?

brief short
swift transitory
evanescent transient
short-lived short-term
concise mini

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What’s another word for time consuming?

In this page you can discover 10 synonyms antonyms idiomatic expressions and related words for time-consuming like: tedious laborious cumbersome costly labour-intensive error-prone complicated frustrating and null.

What is consumption with reference?

1 The process of using resources to satisfy human wants or needs.

What do you call a fast food worker on a resume?

Some fast-food job titles are: Front counter cashier. Front counter help. Prep or grill cook. Assistant manager.

What is the word fervid mean?

Definition of fervid 1 : very hot : burning. 2 : marked by often extreme fervor (see fervor sense 1) a fervid crusader fervid fans.

Why is it called consumption?

TB was commonly called “consumption” in the 1800s even after Schonlein named it tuberculosis. During this time TB was also called the “Captain of all these men of death.” During the Middle Ages TB of the neck and lymph nodes was called “scofula.” Scofula was believed to be a different disease from TB in the lungs.

What is the word consumption means?

1a : the act or process of consuming consumption of food consumption of resources. b : use by or exposure to a particular group or audience The document was not intended for public consumption. 2 : use of something the jet’s high consumption of fuel the consumption of electricity.

What’s another name for fast food?

synonyms for fast-food restaurant

  • cafeteria.
  • canteen.
  • deli.
  • delicatessen.
  • diner.
  • dog wagon.
  • drive-in restaurant.
  • hamburger stand.

What is faint smell?

Noun. A smell that is only smelt briefly or faintly. whiff. scent. aroma.

What is human consumption mean?

Human consumption means the use of water to support human survival and health including drinking bathing showering cooking dishwashing and maintaining hygiene. … Human consumption means water used for drinking personal hygiene bathing showering cooking dishwashing and maintaining oral hygiene.

What is the similar meaning of consumed?

eat eat up devour ingest swallow gobble gobble up wolf down gorge oneself on feast on. munch snack on. drink drink up guzzle gulp gulp down swill imbibe take sup sip lap.

Is there a cure for tuberculosis in 2021?

There is no cure for TB This is false TB is treatable. The most common treatment for a latent TB infection is the antibiotic isoniazid.

What caused consumption in the 1800’s?

Throughout history the disease tuberculosis has been variously known as consumption phthisis and the White Plague. It is generally accepted that the causative agent Mycobacterium tuberculosis originated from other more primitive organisms of the same genus Mycobacterium.

What’s the disease called consumption?

Tuberculosis also known as consumption is a disease caused by bacteria that usually attacks the lungs and at the turn of the 20th century the leading cause of death in the United States. See also how does water affect chemical weathering

What does to Enthral mean?

Definition of enthrallSee also what affects evaporation rate transitive verb. 1 : to hold spellbound : charm. 2 : to hold in or reduce to slavery.

Can I kiss a person with TB?

Kissing hugging or shaking hands with a person who has TB doesn’t spread the disease. Likewise sharing bed linens clothes or a toilet seat isn’t how the disease spreads either.

What is the adverb of consume?

consumingly. In a consuming manner so as to consume.

What is the adjective of consume?

consumptive. Having a tendency to consume dissipating destructive wasteful.

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What’s another name for restaurant?

Synonyms of restaurant

  • beanery
  • café
  • (also cafe)
  • caff.
  • [British]
  • diner
  • eatery
  • grill.

Which method is also known as consumption method?

Answer: expenditure is also called as consumption and investment method.

What does consumption mean in business?

Consumption is the process of buying or using goods and services. In other words doing what consumers in an economy do – consume. … “There are many industries such as advertising and marketing that are solely devoted to figuring out how to get more consumers to consume their product.”

What is an antonym for the word consumption?

consumption. Antonyms: growth development enlargement augmentation. Synonyms: decline decay expenditure waste decrement lessening decrease.

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What is the meaning of all consuming?

Definition of all-consumingSee also what countries were created after ww1 : taking all of a person’s time and attention : being the only thing a person thinks about Her all-consuming passion was music.

Is tuberculosis still around?

In 2019 1.2 million children fell ill with TB globally and 465 000 people fell ill with drug-resistant TB. TB knows no borders. It is present in all countries around the world and in all age groups. Although the United States has reported record low cases too many people still suffer from TB disease in this country.

What is the noun of consume?

consumption. The act of consuming i.e. burning something. The act of eating drinking or using. The amount consumed.

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What does it mean when something is taxing?

Taxing things are stressful and difficult. Climbing a mountain is taxing and so is spending an entire day babysitting an unruly toddler. Things that are taxing wear you out either physically or mentally (or both). … This adjective comes from the verb tax which means “to put a strain on.”

What is consuming food?

Eating (also known as consuming) is the ingestion of food typically to provide a heterotrophic organism with energy and to allow for growth. … For humans eating is an activity of daily living. Some individuals may limit their amount of nutritional intake.

What is a synonym and antonym for consuming?

Antonyms: abstain refrain desist. Synonyms: waste eat wipe out go through down eat up have take in exhaust ingest deplete run through ware take squander devour use up. consume eat up use up eat deplete exhaust run through wipe outverb.

What is consumption another name for?

consumption using up expenditurenoun. the act of consuming something. Synonyms: spending phthisis use expenditure outgo uptake ingestion pulmonary tuberculosis using up wasting disease economic consumption expending intake outlay usance white plague use of goods and services.