What is Dissemination?

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How is data disseminated?

Data dissemination consists of distributing or transmitting statistical data to users. Various release media are available for this purpose, for example: the electronic format including the Internet, paper publications and files available to authorised users or for public use, public speeches and press releases.

What is an example of dissemination?

To disseminate is defined as to make known or spread information. An example of disseminate is when you publish a newsletter about an issue.

How do you disseminate an evaluation report?

Channels that work well in disseminating evaluation results to the public include slide presentations; news releases or press conferences; radio and television coverage; and public meetings to educate attendees.

What does evaluation and dissemination mean?

An evaluation dissemination strategy is a systematic plan for ensuring the dissemination of evaluation results to key internal and external stakeholders through diverse, effective, creative and barrier-free methods once an evaluation study has been finalized.

What are synonyms for dissemination?

Synonyms & Antonyms of disseminate

  • broadcast,
  • circulate,
  • propagate,
  • spread.

What is Dissemination?

What does disseminated mean in business?

Dissemination is when information is spread or broadcasted to a large audience or public. This can be particularly worrying when material non-public information is illegally disseminated, which may lead to insider trading prosecution.

What is dissemination Wikipedia?

To disseminate (from lat. disseminare “scattering seeds”), in the field of communication,a few to broadcast a message to the public without direct feedback from the audience.

How many types of dissemination are there?

Common methods of dissemination include: Publishing program or policy briefs. Publishing project findings in national journals and statewide publications. Presenting at national conferences and meetings of professional associations.

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How do you use dissemination?

Disseminate sentence example

  1. Their job was to disseminate propaganda and information. …
  2. They started to disseminate what they had learned to others.

What is FINRA short volume?

Daily Short Sale Volume provides aggregated volume by security for all short sale trades executed and reported to a TRF, the ADF, or the ORF during normal market hours for public dissemination purposes (i.e., media-reported trades).

How do you disseminate qualitative data?

In disseminating qualitative data, researchers have an array of presentational styles and formats to choose from that best fit their research purposes, such as drama, dance, poetry, websites, video and evocative forms of writing.

Do hedge funds report short positions?

Pursuant to FINRA Rule 4560, member firms are required to report total short positions in all customer and proprietary firm accounts in all equity securities to FINRA on a bi-monthly basis.

What is the difference between communication and dissemination?

Dissemination is one-way, and involves sending information through publications, social media, presentations, a project website, and so on. Communication is two-way, and involves channels such as workshops, round-tables, and events.

What is dissemination date?

The date the filer distributes the communication to affiliate or member organizations for later public dissemination; The date as of which the filer authorizes employees or members to display the communication; or. The date of actual public dissemination, if that date is known to the filer.

What is dissemination in psychology?

Information dissemination is the aspect of information science concerned with the distribution of information.

Is there a word disseminated?

verb (used with object), disseminated, disseminating. to scatter or spread widely, as though sowing seed; promulgate extensively; broadcast; disperse: to disseminate information about preventive medicine.

What is project dissemination?

Dissemination is the process of making the results and deliverables of a project available to the stakeholders and to the wider audience. Dissemination is essential for take-up, and take- up is crucial for the success of the project and for the sustainability of outputs in the long term.

What is dissemination and use in health information system?

Dissemination is the targeted distribution of information and intervention materials to a specific public health or clinical practice audience. The intent is to spread knowledge and the associated evidence-based interventions. Dissemination occurs through a variety of channels, social contexts, and settings.

Why is dissemination important in nursing?

Disseminating Evidence: Goals To increase the scope of knowledge in the nursing field. To ensure the nursing field remains up-to-date with the latest and most effective evidence and practices. To ascertain that nursing decisions are made based on evidence that optimizes quality care and cost-effectiveness.

What is dissemination and use?

In health care, data dissemination includes the distribution of general data and data from the patient’s medical record. Data utilization refers to the application of information for decision?making in health care, statistical analysis, education, policy development and development of health care services, etc.

What is dissemination in media?

Definition: News Dissemination News dissemination refers to the entire process by which specific contents are articulated, selected, transformed into news, and received by news audiences.

What is dissemination system?

Data dissemination is the distribution or transmitting of statistical, or other, data to end users. There are many ways organizations can release data to the public, i.e. electronic format, CD-ROM and paper publications such as PDF files based on aggregated data.

What is reporting and dissemination?

Reporting and disseminating the evaluation results of a program is of key importance. You might use different channels and media to present the evaluation findings to reach different audiences. Transparency adds credibility.

What are dissemination skills?

Disseminating is the literacy which enables learners to succinctly summarise and share their work and ideas. It has a dynamic relationship with knowledge creation but focuses on the communication, rather than creation, of ideas. Disseminating effectively creates a strong and influential public identity.

What are the 3 P’s of dissemination?

Known as the three Ps, posters, presentations, and papers, have historically been the three primary ways of dissemination and remain as the most popular methods in the nursing field (Brown & Schmidt, 2009; Dudley-Brown, 2012).

What is data dissemination in mobile computing?

The data dissemination is a method of distributing or transmitting the statistical or another type of data to the end-users. The data can be in the form of audio, video or any other data services.

How do you write dissemination?


  1. Description of your institution and the reason why it became involved in the project.
  2. Description of the dissemination strategy used.
  3. Background information on the region where the dissemination takes place. …
  4. What strategy did you decide to adopt for this dissemination project?

Why is data dissemination so important?

Effective dissemination and communication are vital to ensure that the conducted research has a social, political, or economical impact. They draw attention of governments and stakeholders to research results and conclusions, enhancing their visibility, comprehension, and implementation.

What is data Utilisation?

Data utilization refers to the continuous use of data in corporate activities to improve operational efficiency and productivity for the benefit of the business.

What is the dissemination of research?

What does NIHR mean by dissemination? Effective dissemination is simply about getting the findings of your research to the people who can make use of them, to maximise the benefit of the research without delay.