What Is The Key Factor In A Representative Democracy

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What made Athens a direct democracy?

Greek democracy created at Athens was direct rather than representative: any adult male citizen over the age of 20 could take part and it was a duty to do so. The officials of the democracy were in part elected by the Assembly and in large part chosen by lottery in a process called sortition.

What is one of the basic ideas of a representative democracy quizlet?

In a representative democracy people elect representatives to make political decisions and pass laws for them.

What is a representative democracy quizlet?

Definition Representative Democracy. Small group of people chosen by the people to act as their representatives and citizens express their own opinions through representatives. Representatives are held accountable to the people.

What are the key elements of the government?

Democracy has certain key elements which make it the most preferred form of government today. These elements include participation accountability conflict resolution and concern for equality and justice.

What are 3 characteristics of a representative democracy?

Terms in this set (9)

  • Universal Participation.
  • Political Equality (influence)
  • Political Competition and Choice.
  • Political Accountability.
  • Transparency in Government.
  • Majorly Rule.
  • Civil Liberties/Equality of Opportunity.
  • Rule of law. Sets found in the same folder.

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Why modern democracies are representative democracies?

The modern democracies are being called Representative Democracies because it is the elected representatives of the people who run the government–make and execute the laws and policies for the people. It is thus also being called as Indirect Democracy.

What key elements mean?

adjective [ADJECTIVE noun] The key person or thing in a group is the most important one. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary.

What are the key elements of democracy Class 7?

Answer: The key elements of a democratic government are people’s participation the resolution of conflict and equality and justice.

Why did direct democracy work for Athens?

(1.2) Why did direct democracy work for the ancient Greek city of Athens? Athens had a small population. (1.2) What is the main difference between federal and confederal systems of government? In a federal system there is centralized authority while in a confederal system power is distributed equally among the states.

What are three sources of authority identified by Max Weber quizlet?

Weber’s three types of authority are traditional charismatic and legal-rational authority.

When employers use diplomas and degrees?

the use of diplomas and degrees to determine who is eligible for jobs even though the diploma or degree may be irrelevant to the actual work. You just studied 31 terms!

What did Max Weber believe?

Max Weber is famous for his thesis that the “Protestant ethic” (the supposedly Protestant values of hard work thrift efficiency and orderliness) contributed to the economic success of Protestant groups in the early stages of European capitalism. See also how to write anything 4th edition

What is representative democracy Class 9 short answer?

What is representative democracy? Answer: Under representative democracy all the people do not rule or take decisions but a majority or elected representatives are allowed to take decisions on behalf of all the people.

What does it mean when sociologists say that age is socially constructed?

What does it mean when sociologists say that age is “socially constructed”? Age is based on cultural attitudes that are rooted in a society. … In U.S. society men with graying hair and wrinkles are seen as mature while women with the same features are seen as old.

What is the main way a representative democracy?

What is the main way a representative democracy differs from a direct democracy? Citizens elect leaders who vote on the issues in a representative democracy and citizens vote on the issues in a direct democracy.

What is representative democracy Why is it necessary Class 9?

Representative democracy is a kind of democracy in which people elect their leaders.As this is free for them it is necessary because people can share their views and ideas as they choose which leader is good for them.

What are the key elements of representative democracy?

The Democratic Charter defines the essential elements of representative democracy in very specific terms including: respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms holding free and fair elections a pluralistic system of political parties and organizations separation of powers independence of the branches of

What is and example of representative democracy quizlet?

The people elect leaders (representatives) to create laws. They elect a Senator and these Senators become very powerful people because they make important decisions. … You just studied 10 terms!

Why is the United States a representative democracy quizlet?

Under a representative democracy the people have the leading influence over who gets elected into the House and Senate but under a republic they have little influence. Therefore the U.S. is republic because if it were a true representative democracy the people would elect every member of the House and Senate.

What is representative democracy in easy words?

Representative democracy also known as indirect democracy is a type of democracy where elected persons represent a group of people in contrast to direct democracy. … Representative democracy places power in the hands of representatives who are elected by the people.

What are some advantages of a representative democracy?

Here are the Pros of a Representative Democracy

  • It still gives power to the people. …
  • Checks and balances are put in place to limit power. …
  • Everyone has the chance to participate. …
  • It allows the government to react quickly. …
  • It encourages people to participate. …
  • It allows a district to form their own governmental presence.


How does a representative democracy differ from an oligarchy Brainly?

The representative democracy represents the whole democracy and the power is in hands of the representatives chosen by the democracy. The oligarchy has the power vested in hands of small group of people who are not represented by the people but by the power either being money or being military.

What condition is needed for a democracy to thrive in a society?

What condition is needed for a democracy to thrive in a society a industrialization C limits on power b Access to Information D All of the above? Answer: Industrialization limits on power and access to information are all needed for a democracy to thrive in a society.

What are the key features of a democracy?

What is the main way a representative democracy differ from a direct democracy?

A representative democracy is a system of government where citizens elect representatives to vote on laws on their behalf. A direct democracy is one where citizens vote on every issue themselves. The key difference between the two systems is who is voting on laws elected officials or the citizens.

What is representative democracy Why has it become necessary in recent times?

Today in most of the countries democracy can be called representative democracy. Because all the people do not rule. Decisions taken by the representative on the behalf of all the people. Representative democracy is suitable because it helps to rule a vast population through the representatives of the people.

What are the key elements of democracy Short answer?

Key Elements of a Democratic Government Summary

  • Injustice against non-whites in South Africa.
  • Participating in the democratic process of the country.
  • Different levels of participating in the democracy of the country.
  • Conflict resolution.
  • Equality and justice.

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What are the three sources of authority and how do they differ from one another?

The sociologist and philosopher Max Weber distinguishes three types of authority—charismatic traditional and legal-rational—each of which corresponds to a brand of leadership that is operative in contemporary society.

What is the primary reason sociologists study religion?

Since religion is such an important part of societies around the world sociologists are very interested in studying it. Sociologists study religion as both a belief system and a social institution. As a belief system religion shapes what people think and how they see the world.

What is the key concept on which representative democracy is based quizlet?

What is the key concept on which representative democracy is based? Where voters elect representatives to meet together to discuss issues and make decisions on their behalf. of the following individuals who is most likely to vote in a presidential election in the United States?

What are at least three key features of representative government?

Terms in this set (8)

  • universal participation. …
  • political equality (influence) …
  • majority rule. …
  • political competition and choice. …
  • rule of law. …
  • transparency in government. …
  • political accountability. …
  • civil liberties/equality of opportunities.