What Organization 13 Member Are You

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How did Elrena become a nobody?

Elrena’s Nobody Larxene came into being where she was found by Xigbar and brought before Xemnas who was looking for ancient Keyblade wielders to fill slots in Organization XIII. After Larxene’s defeat at the hands of Sora Elrena is recompleted but became a Nobody once more joining the Real Organization XIII.

Why does Axel have marks on his face?

Are those marks under Axels eyes tattoos or did he take the time to draw them every single day? They are confirmed to be temporary marks during a conversation between Saix and Lea with an added bonus as to why he did that on himself that being: to keep him from crying.

How old is demyx?

Age 29-30
Birthday Unknown
Sex Male
Height Unknown

Is Axel still a keyblade wielder?

Lea is more often referred to as Axel due his more prominent time as a Nobody. In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep he appears as a teenager and a close friend of Isa. He appears as an adult in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance in which he chooses to become a Keyblade wielder under Master Yen Sid.

Is Strelitzia a Larxene?

Elrena is a Keyblade wielder belonging to the same Union as Strelitzia in Kingdom Hearts Union χ. She is the human form of Larxene.

What number is Xaldin?

Rōmaji Zarudin
Type Organization XIII
Title Number III The Whirlwind Lancer
Orig. name Dilan

Who is demyx the nobody of?

Organization XIII
Demyx the Melodious Nocturne (夜想のしらべ Yasō no Shirabe? lit. Nocturnal Poem) is Rank IX of Organization XIII and a reserve member of the real Organization XIII. He controls water and uses his weapon the Sitar as a musical instrument to make water fight for him in battle. He commands the Dancer Nobodies.See also where is 0 degrees latitude and 0 degrees longitude

What is demyx real name?

Demyx called Sora “Roxas.” Organization XIII’s Number IX. He used a type of instrument called a “sitar” to control water…but he wasn’t very good at fighting.

Is there a Kingdom Hearts 3 final mix?

Despite all that this week’s ReMind DLC expansion will be the only one for Kingdom Hearts 3 and there’ll be no Final Mix version like the previous games as the team instead pivots to work on Kingdom Hearts 4.

What number is marluxia?

Marluxia the Graceful Assassin (Graceful Assassin’s Blade) is Number 11 in Organization XIII the lord of Castle Oblivion and the main antagonist o fKingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.

Who killed Strelitzia?

In the latest Kingdom Hearts χ update it is revealed that Darkness killed Strelitzia while possessing the body of Ventus. As Darkness steps into the light it assumes the form of Master Ava showing that Ventus believed he was merely having a meeting with the creator of the Dandelions.

What happened daybreak town?

At some point the real Daybreak Town fell to ruin as the worlds split apart by the darkness. The world that was formed from the ruins of Daybreak Town was flooded with water which hid most of the ruins but it was later repopulated.

What is Xigbar real name?

Type Organization XIII
Title Number II The Freeshooter
Orig. name Braig
Attribute Space (空間 Kūkan?)

Who is marluxia’s somebody?

Marluxia the Graceful Assassin (優雅なる凶刃 Yūga-naru Kyōjin? lit. Graceful Assassin’s Blade) is the Nobody of Lauriam Rank XI of Organization XIII and Rank VII of the real Organization XIII. He is the lord of Castle Oblivion and the main antagonist of Sora’s story in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.

Is Daybreak Town Scala Ad Caelum?

Scala ad Caelum also known as Stairway to Heaven is an original world introduced in Kingdom Hearts III. As a world built over the remnants of Daybreak Town it is believed to be the nexus from which all worlds spring having once served as a seat of power for all Keyblade wielders.

Who is Skuld Kingdom Hearts?

Skuld is a Keyblade wielder first introduced in Kingdom Hearts χ. She is a member of the same Union as Ephemer but it is unknown which Union this is. She is also a recruited member of the Dandelions and is later recruited as a Union χ leader in Kingdom Hearts Union χ.

How old is yozora?

Design. Yozora’s age (as of the events of Verum Rex) is unknown though it can be assumed he kept his age from Versus XIII which would have been 20 years old. Yozora’s height is not accurately known however when compared to Sora’s canon height of ~5’3″ it can be assumed he is around 6 feet tall. See also what is the first known application of magnetism

Who is the strongest organization 13 member?

Taking from both groups these are the ten strongest Organization XIII members in Kingdom Hearts!

  • Xigbar KH.
  • Vanitas KH.
  • Dark Riku KH.
  • Saïx KH.
  • Ansem KH.
  • Roxas KH.
  • Xemnas KH.
  • Master Xehanort with the χ-blade.

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What happened to vexen and demyx?

No they did not fight. They were just reserve Organization members and had been demoted by the Replicas. Vexen and Demyx were also betraying the Organization to help the Guardians and Even/Vexen is seen in the ending with Ansem the Wise and Ienzo waking up Namine.

How many organization 13 members are there?

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance The six known members of the True Organization XIII Following the Organization’s defeat Dilan Even Aeleus Ienzo and Lea are revived though the other members’ original selves are not shown.

Is Sora stronger than Riku?

Battle wise Sora is a more versatile fighter which gives him a distinct advantage. Riku is stronger physically but vertisality and knowing know to harness it gives Sora an advantage. Riku also recognizes that Sora is the ‘hero’ regardless of the strengths he has against Sora.

Is Ventus a foreteller?

Ventus was chosen by the Foreteller Master Ava to become a Dandelion and one of the five members to be a replacement Union leader. Master Ava informs Ventus of these events and commands him to meet the other members at the Keyblade Graveyard once the Keyblade War was over.

Who is Larxene’s somebody?

Larxene the Savage Nymph (非情の妖姫 Hijō no Yōki? lit. Callous Vixen) is the Nobody of Elrena Rank XII within the original Organization XIII and a member of the real Organization XIII. Larxene is one of only two female members of the Organization and has a very sadistic nature.

Which Organization 13 (XIII) member are you?

What does Marluxia whisper in Sora’s ear?

1. What does Marluxia whisper to Sora? “You’re IT!

Who is Lea kh3?

Lea is the original persona of Axel and a close friend of Isa Saïx’s original persona. He appears in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix as a teenager alongside Isa.

Is Ava the traitor?

The Traitor He allowed Ava to find him just to bring about the moment. Kingdom Hearts Union Cross doesn’t show what Luxu says but judging by Ava’s denial and the events that unfold after that he tells her that she’s the traitor. Luxu suggests Ava fight in the war if she really doesn’t believe him.

Who is the 13th member of Organization 13?

Roxas. Roxas is the thirteenth member of Organization XIII. He is also Sora’s nobody and holds the power to wield the keyblade because of it. He is also a clone of Ventus.

Why is LUXU the traitor?

Due to Luxu’s good-hearted nature however he wasn’t able to entirely follow his master’s orders and instead chose to possess the bodies of those that he was supposed to entrust the No Name Keyblade to so he can keep an eye out on the condition of the world and intervene if necessary which the Master had already …

Kingdom Hearts Top 5 Organization 13 Members

How do you beat Lexaeus?

Get near Lexaeus as soon as he finishes charging. He might attack you with shattering earth. To avoid it dodge roll as soon as he throws his tomahawk in the air then dodge roll again after the first rock appears. Pause for a moment before dodge rolling for the 3rd time.

Who is Axel’s somebody?

LeaCharacter information Lea has a desire to achieve his own ideal of immortality by having everyone remember his name. He was once Axel a member of Organization XIII who served as its assassin until the destruction of both Axel and his Heartless that allowed Lea to be reborn.

Top 14 Organization XIII Members

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What happened to Organization 13s heartless?

Their heartless were most likely normal heartless and Sora destroyed them sometime along his adventure.

What is Scala Ad Caelum based on?

Research their rooftops and everything and you can see the relationship. Note:A nickname for this place is called Scala for the Stairways that are in the city.

How old is xemnas?

Also Xemnas around 30 is confirmed by Nomura.