World Cup 2022: News and preparation for the semi-final between Argentina and Croatia – live

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Did I mention the officials for the semi-finals today? I don’t think I have.

For Croatia v Argentina it is the Italian job. Daniele Orsato has the whistle, and his compatriots Ciro Carbone and Alessandro Giallatini will run the line. Mohammed Abdulla of the UAE is the fourth official. You can put your own conspiracy theory here about Fifa appointing Uefa officials to a semi-final with a European team. Orstao was in charge of the opening match between Qatar and Ecuador, and previously refereed Argentina in their group game with Mexico.

Tomorrow Morocco will be demolished against France by Mexico’s César Arturo Ramos. His assistants will be Alberto Morín and Miguel Hernández. They were already in charge of Denmark against Tunisia, Belgium against Morocco and Portugal against Switzerland. The fourth official is Jesús Valenzuela from Venezuela.

Let’s just say that my lunch in the London snow was more popular with some members of the party than others.

There is very little danger of snow affecting the game in Qatar today, with temperatures expected to be around 21C (69.8F) for tonight’s start between Argentina and Croatia in the first semi-final. We are already getting some photos of the fans gathering before they travel to the stadium.

Martin is now back from lunch so I’m going back to him. Thank you.

The body of journalist Grant Wahl has been flown back to the United States after his death while covering Argentina against the Netherlands in the quarterfinals, the State Department has confirmed. Wahl was a passionate advocate for soccer/football in the United States both for men and women. He brought a critical eye to the World Cup in Qatar and football in general, reported on human rights and LGBTQ+ issues and stood up for those without a platform. He wrote for Sports Illustrated for more than two decades and then started his own website. He was a major voice informing the US public about the game at a time of heightened interest after the US hosted the 1994 World Cup.

Tributes to Wahl have poured in since his death on Monday, with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken adding his voice to the chorus of recognition.

I so appreciated Grant Wahl, whose writing captured not only the essence of the beautiful game, but also the world around it. I express my deepest condolences to his family, and thank our embassy team and Qatari partners who worked so effectively together to fulfill his wishes.

The Associated Press reported that State Department spokesman Ned Price said the United States had no reason to believe Wahl’s death was the result of foul play and praised Qatari authorities for cooperating fully with the embassy. to arrange repatriation. “We have not seen any indication of foul play or anything nefarious at this point,” Price told reporters in Washington.

There has been much debate about the format of the 2026 World Cup, which will be a bloated 48-team tournament when it kicks off in the US in three and a half years. It is the result of more meddling by Fifa, but world football’s governing body is likely to back down on plans for three-team groups after Gianni Infantino claimed Qatar hosted the biggest group stages of all time. But that still means many groups have a third qualifying match, so the likelihood of less excitement in many of the final group games has arisen. Jonathan Wilson argues that if the reason for a 48-team World Cup is to make it more global, why not create a final global round of qualification for a 32-team final, so that the current format is preserved. It’s an interesting read – and one you may have missed over the weekend.

I know Guardian Towers has its own cartoonist and all, but I’ve always been a fan of the work of the No Score Draws crew (formerly known as @Cheappanini). If you’re willing to apply yourself, you can still make great things, like these drawings by Nikola Vlasic and Ivan Perisic.

Although my favorite at this World Cup is still probably Allison Becker:

It’s all for a good cause too:

🇦🇷 v 🇭🇷 tonight, PLUS it’s DAY 24 of our quest to fill all 670 slots in the 2022 World Cup Panini Album with our own drawings to raise money for @amnesty

If you can, SEND! ⬇️ If you can’t, a RT would be nice x

Thank you Martin. In this morning’s World Cup briefing, Michael Butler points out that stopping Luka Modric, not Lionel Messi, could be the key to changing the balance of tonight’s semi-final. I would totally agree with that, but the current Croatia midfield is more than just Modric and is such an incredibly well dug unit. Modric, Mateo Kovacic and Marcelo Brozovic are always changing shape and seem to instinctively know where each other will be at any given moment.

They played together for a good time I suppose. They are all technically excellent and combative, as many Croatian midfielders have fallen over the years. There must be something in the water. Zvonimir Boban, Niko Kovac, Ivan Rakitic were a joy to watch over the last three decades, but for me the best was Robert Prosinecki, a ridiculously talented footballer who played like Paul Gascoigne and Zinedine Zidane put together in a laboratory experiment . . I remember my youth football coach at Marine FC in the mid 90’s urging us to watch him. I’m not sure how this was supposed to help us because we couldn’t learn how to do impossible things with a football. I’m glad he did though. Soccer seems to be a great joy for Prosinecki.

I’m going to turn you over to Gregg Bakowski right now while I take a break and get all excited that it’s semi-final day.

Writing for the Guardian today, Aleksandar Holiga sets up tonight’s semi-final from Croatia’s perspective:

It’s a pretty ridiculous idea. To get to the World Cup, four years after making it to the finals as one of the best underdog success stories in the history of the tournament, think you can go one step further this time and win it all. After all, this is football, the number 1 world sport, not handball or water polo, the other two team sports Croatia are good at.

In both sports, the competition is much tighter and you also get the chance to win the world championship every year. Nor is it the Davis Cup, which they have won twice in the last 17 years, with two different generations of players.

When you’re a small nation, the best you can usually hope for in football is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play in a World Cup semi-final or final. Many good teams from much bigger nations never get this opportunity, but here we are in 2022 with Croatia playing in their third semi-final in less than a quarter of a century. What’s more, they are still not satisfied.

“In 2018 we wrote history, but now we want to repeat it,” captain Luka Modrić told Marca after beating Brazil on penalties in the quarter-finals. “I hope we can take that extra step this time.”

Read more here: Aleksandar Holiga – “We are built differently”: Croatia enjoy second shot at World Cup glory

Argentina and Croatia also met in Bordeaux at the 1998 World Cup. It was their final match in Group H, and both sides had already guaranteed they would qualify after securing wins over Japan and Jamaica.

Argentina won 1-0 with a great goal from Mauricio Pineda. There were some amazing players on both sides – Javier Zanetti, Ariel Ortega, Gabriel Batistuta, Slaven Bilić, Davor Šuker, Zvonimir Boban, Robert Jarni and more. There are some highlights here if you have a few minutes.

Argentina’s victory set up their round of 16 tie with England, while Croatia would go on to face Romania and Germany before losing to hosts France in the semi-finals. Argentina reached the quarter-finals that year before being beaten by Dennis Bergkamp and the Dutch in Marseille.

The last time Croatia and Argentina met at a World Cup was the second matchday in Group D in Nizhny Novgorod. 43,000 people watched Croatia humble la albiceleste 3-0 with Ante Rebić, Ivan Rakitić and that man Luka Modrić on the scoresheet. Croatia will obviously be hoping for more of the same today.

In another brief “non-soccer” interlude, AP reports that a Spanish court has acquitted Neymar and his co-defendants in a fraud and corruption trial related to the Brazilian’s 2013 transfer from Santos to Barcelona.

The plaintiff, the Brazilian company DIS, had accused Neymar, his father, and the former president of Santos and Barcelona of deliberately hiding the cost of his transfer to avoid paying DIS, which is part owner of his playing rights. is to be paid.

However, the court said in a statement on Tuesday that “it has not been proven that there was a false contract or that DIS was intended to harm.”

The verdict comes as no surprise following a decision by Spain’s public prosecutor to drop all charges during the trial. That left only DIS’s lawyers to continue arguing their case.

Simply everything I ever write, instantly less funny and with a lot less drawings, a new David Squires has dropped…

It wouldn’t be a France press conference before France v Morocco without *check notes* a question about England. France captain Hugo Lloris has apparently backed Harry Kane to bounce back from his penalty miss against France.

To be honest, I’m not really sure what else Lloris could be expected to say, he’s hardly going to explain that he expects it to follow Kane to the grave and start laughing maniacally while wearing a comedy villain mustache is he?

However, PA Sport quotes him as saying:

We had a text after the match. But it was not easy to find the words immediately after the match. I think he needed some rest. It is obviously a difficult time for the England national team and for Harry but he can be proud of what he has done for the national team during this World Cup.

In football history, many top players have missed important penalties in their careers. Players like Leo Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, like Kylian Mbappé. But I have no doubt that Harry will keep his chin up and he will help Tottenham and the national team shine.

Fortunately, some of the media also asked Lloris about Morocco, to which he said:

I believe both teams have a lot to lose. It is a semi-final of a World Cup, it is a unique opportunity to go to the final.

Of course, it is already a success for Morocco to be at this stage of the competition, but believe me, they will not stop, they just want to continue and become even more heroes for the Moroccan country.

On our side, we are preparing for the demands of a World Cup semi-final, it doesn’t matter who the opponent is. We’re just trying to put focus, energy, concentration and all our strength into this game to make sure we don’t have any regrets at the end.

If you missed today’s World Cup briefing, you also missed my look at what’s going on in Argentina’s media in the build-up to tonight’s game:

No media outlet can pass over a sign going into a semi-final of the World Cup, and the Argentine press is no different. Olé is slightly concerned that to avoid a color clash with Croatia’s shirts, Emiliano Martínez “will be all in green and will not wear the historic red shirt with which he became a hero against Louis van Gaal’s team”. However, the sports journal noted that “Dibu (the nickname of Martinez) wore green in the decisive matches against Mexico and Poland, two duels in which La Scaloneta beat their respective rivals 2-0.”

The Buenos Aires Times says Argentina have been helped by “hordes of traveling fans who have transformed each of their matches in Qatar into virtual home games”. It says: “This passion is evoked in two songs that regularly echoed around the stadiums of Qatar – ‘Vamos Argentina’ and ‘Muchachos’,” a de facto national anthem of the national team that included Messi, Diego Maradona and the 1982 Malvinas reviewed. /Falklands War between Argentina and Great Britain. “Argentina is a complex, politically fractured country. There are few issues that unite the country – but the Malvinas and the football team do,” quoted Edgardo Esteban, director of the Malvinas Museum in Buenos Aires.

In Clarín, the talk of the city’s firefighters remains in Esquina, the hometown of Diego Maradona’s mother, who listened to Argentina’s progress against the Netherlands while actively fighting a fire. One of them, 27-year-old Roberto Cardozo, told the press: “When we got to the field, the owners were waiting for us and we went in to fight the fire. When I came back to refill the water, my girlfriend sent me a WhatsApp message to inform me of Argentina’s first goal. I let my teammates know that we won. We even filmed the moment Messi scored the penalty to make it 2-0 , because we already had the situation under control.Lionel Scaloni’s men will hope that they also have Croatia under control at Lusail tonight.

Read more here: World Cup briefing – Modric, not Messi, could be the man to stop

In tomorrow’s semi-final, the French fans will largely outnumber the Moroccan supporters at the Al Bayt Stadium and France know they are in for a noisy night, as coach Didier Deschamps and captain Hugo Lloris said at this morning’s press conference have got.

“They benefit from enormous support, I saw this and my observers told me. We know it will be extremely noisy, it is part of the context and we have to be prepared for it,” Deschamps told Reuters at the news conference on Tuesday . “Good for them. We have to prepare for the game, but also for the environment of the game.

Lloris said: “We have to be ready for the noise. I admire and respect what they have done here, they do not owe anything to chance, they finished at the top of their group,” said Lloris.

“They have a lot of qualities on and off the pitch, in terms of cohesion. The environment will be hostile but we are ready, calm. We have to be ready to raise our level once again.

There are some more quotes from Moroccan coach Walid Regragui on the wire via Reuters, and he said that his team has no specific plan to counter Kylian Mbappé tomorrow. He said:

I will not try to draw up a certain tactical plan to counter Kylian. France also has other good players. Griezmann is at the top of his game and plays well between the lines and Ousmane Dembele is also a perfect complement to Mbappé on the other wing.

If we only focus on Mbappé, that will be a mistake. They are world champions, with world-class players and they will take everything they get. We need to focus on what we can do to cause France problems.

Mbappé, on the left side of the attack, goes up against Paris St Germain clubmate and good friend Achraf Hakimi, who is Morocco’s highly-rated right-back.

“Achraf knows Mbappe better than me and trains with him every day, so he is better placed than me to know how to deal with Kylian. Hakimi is one of the best players in the world, so it will be a great duel between the two,” Regragui said.

A concern for Morocco and their fans is the number of injuries the team has picked up en route to the semi-finals.

Morocco is still struggling with “a lot of injuries”, the coach said, but the players have recovered. There are concerns about the first choice center pairing of skipper Romain Saiss and Nayef Aguerd in particular.

“We have an excellent medical team and they have come with good news. But we have to wait until the last minute to choose the team. No one is out yet, but no one is in,” he said.

Morocco have faced European opposition at this World Cup so far in Croatia, Belgium, Spain and Portugal without conceding a goal, and Regragui has defended his tactics.

“What good is 70% possession if you only get a few shots on goal?” he asked.

“Everyone works, everyone gives their best in every way and we play a collective game every time with a good spirit, which for me is everything in football.

Coach Didier Deschamps and captain Hugo Lloris are again the French media duo in Doha today.

Meanwhile, I enjoy the random pictures that come across the newswire before a big football game. They will dance tonight in the patriotic bakeries of Zagreb for sure if Croatia makes progress.

Anita Asante writes for us this morning on the subject of Olivier Giroud, who she says continues to thrive under the radar for France:

Against England we saw the full benefits of Giroud. France was not at its best. In some ways we have been spoiled by some of the French teams over the years with players like Zinedine Zidane, Marcel Desailly and Claude Makelele, teams and players that this side is always measured against. Whenever we think of France, we think of the flair, the fluidity of the game, the elegance, the finesse. We saw glimpses of it on Saturday, but we didn’t see it in large doses.

However, they have shown that they can get things done when they are not full, flying at their best. We still saw majesty of Mbappé on the ball and the intelligence of Antoine Griezmann fell into this midfield role, while Adrien Rabiot looked another level, dictating the link between defense and midfield and into the forward line. But the strengths and qualities of a striker like Giroud, when things don’t go your way as a team, were on full display.

We should not underestimate the work he does to be on the defender’s case with his movement and his positioning, so that they don’t get a moment’s rest. This is extremely tiring and frustrating because they have to be constantly switched into place. The mind is constantly running: Where is he? Who has he? Is he between us? Here he is now. He stretches the game. We can’t squeeze that space because what about this space?

Read more here: Anita Asante – Traditional number 9 Olivier Giroud continues to flourish under the radar for France

I missed one of the Asian teams from that round-up. That’s partly because I’m old enough to remember when Australia was part of the Oceana Confederation, and partly because we already have our own specific standalone story about Graham Arnold up for a Socceroos contract offer following their World Cup success:

Socceroos coach Graham Arnold looks set to be offered a fresh contract as informal negotiations continue with Football Australia’s hierarchy. Arnold’s previous deal expired after overseeing Australia’s most successful World Cup run at the tournament in Qatar.

The head coach is on holiday in the UK, with FA chief executive officer James Johnson keeping in touch ahead of Arnold’s return to Australia after Christmas. Johnson has pledged not to rule out any other potential coaching candidates before Arnold returns.

“We are in contact with Graham about what his commitment will look like over the next four years,” Johnson told AAP. “For sure, to have some stability with this team, after the promotion, is a good thing and we will talk to Arnie about that.

“We’re not going to talk to anyone else until we’ve finished talking to Arnie. But … we have to be realistic, Arnie’s value has gone up, but so has the Australian game, and the Socceroos … let’s see where we go land, but I have to say that I am very proud of Graham.

Under Arnold, the Socceroos won two games at a single World Cup for the first time and advanced to the round of 16 for only the second time, following the feat of the 2006 squad. Arnold has yet to state his future intentions.

Read more here: Graham Arnold sets for Socceroos contract offer after World Cup success

What now for the coaches of the Asian clubs at the Qatar World Cup? John Duerden at the AP has a round-up:

South Korea: Paulo Bento leaves Seoul after more than four years in charge. He took the team to the second round after a last-minute victory over his native Portugal in the final game of Group H, but his tenure ended with a 4-1 loss to Brazil.

“Although we were eliminated in the round of 16, we still stuck to our style of play against a powerful team,” said Bento, who added that he decided to move on after Qatar in September. “I will always be connected to South Korea, both in terms of my career and my personal life.”

The domestic football debate has already moved on whether the next coach will be a Korean or a foreigner.

Japan: Japan beat Germany and Spain to top their group and progress to the knockout stages of the World Cup for the fourth time, but the Samurai Blue were disappointed not to reach the last eight for the first time, but lost in a penalty shootout. in Croatia.

Coach Hajime Moriyasu, appointed in 2018, confounded critics who thought he was too conservative to guide the team to great success. The 54-year-old Moriyasu is expected to continue after he told reporters on his return to Tokyo that he wants to stay in the job longer, and the team received a hero’s welcome on their return.

Iran: Carlos Queiroz was only appointed in August, and may stay. Iran beat Wales but failed to get a point against the USA in the final Group B game to advance to the knockout stage.

“Now we have to think about the support of the technical staff and Queiroz and think about the players and their spirit,” said Hamid Sajjadi, the sports and youth minister, after the Iranian squad returned. “Queiroz should be able to plan for the next Nations Cup with peace of mind, and we will do everything we can to help.”

Saudi Arabia: Herve Renard signed a contract extension in May to remain in charge of Saudi Arabia until 2027. After a shocking 2-1 defeat of the Green Falcons by Argentina, and coming close to a place in the last 16, Renard safe in Saudi work.

Qatar: The worst performance of the Asian teams in Qatar was the host nation. Felix Sanchez has been the longest-serving coach of the six, taking over in Qatar in 2017, but he has recorded three defeats on home soil. “Our goal is very clear, we will have a generational change,” Sanchez said. “Some players will leave, others will come.”

It seems to be happening already. On Monday evening, the Qatar Football Association named a new look roster for the regional Golf Cup in January with Bruno Pinheiro, a former coach of Qatar’s youth teams, in charge.


Morocco coach Regragui: ‘We aren’t satisfied with the semi-final. We want to go further’

Morocco coach Regragui: 'We aren't satisfied with the semi-final. We want to go further'

The Moroccan coach Walid Regragui was already in front of the press today and said that they aim higher than just reaching the semi-final. PA Sport has the following quotes:

The further you get, the harder the games are. We are playing the world champion with world-class players and a very good coach, possibly the best in the world. But we will show great desire and try to pull off an upset. Why not reach the final of the World Cup?

We came to this competition to change minds in our continent. If we say that the semi-final is enough, I don’t agree. We are not satisfied with the semi-finals and are the first African team to do so. We want to go further.

It is a knockout game and if you have desire, commitment and the support of the people, you can win it.

We have hit some top sites. Before every match, people thought we were going to be knocked out, but we are still here. We are getting closer to our dreams and we will fight to get there.

We are one of the four best teams in the world right now and we want to reach the final. The best team, Brazil, has already been eliminated.

We are hungry. I don’t know if it will be enough but we want Africa to be at the top of the world. I know we are not favorites but we are confident. You might think it’s crazy, but a little crazy is good.

Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag has said that centre-back Harry Maguire had a really good World Cup and is urging him to replicate his England form at the club when the Premier League restarts, reports Reuters.

Maguire lost his first team place for United in August, but the 29-year-old started every game for England in Qatar, where they were knocked out by France in the quarter-finals.

“It’s clear he’s good enough to play at the highest level,” Ten Hag said at United’s training camp in Spain.

“He had a period in Manchester where he did poorly and then of course struggles. For England he almost always has good games. We want him to bring that back to Manchester with him so that he can bring it on the pitch for United.

“I think he’s had a really good World Cup. He’s been really consistent. When he plays with his confidence like he is now, he’s a massively important player for us and that’s what everyone expects.

Away from football for a moment, AFP reports that the lawyer of Greek member of the European Parliament Eva Kaili said on Tuesday that her client was “innocent” after she was charged with corruption in an investigation into suspected bribery from Qatar .

Belgium has charged four suspects, including Kaili, as part of an investigation into allegations that World Cup champion Qatar handed out cash and gifts to influence EU policy debate. Two others were released upon request.

“Her position is that she is innocent. She has nothing to do with the Qatar bribes,” Kaili’s lawyer Michalis Dimitrakopoulos told the Greek television station Open TV.

The Belgian prosecutor said that 600,000 euros (£516,000) were found in the house of a suspect, 150,000 euros in the apartment of an MEP, and several hundred thousand euros in a suitcase in a hotel room.

Asked if any cash was found in Kaili’s home, Dimitrakopoulos said: “I will not confirm or deny. There is confidentiality. I have no idea if any money was found or how much was found.

Kaili, a 44-year-old Greek socialist and one of the vice-presidents of the European Parliament, was arrested in Brussels on Friday.

She has been relieved of her vice-presidential responsibilities and parliamentary group leaders are due to meet on Tuesday to prepare a vote to formally remove her from the post.

She will be sentenced to prison and will be presented on Wednesday to see if she and three fellow prisoners must remain in custody pending a corruption trial.

Croatia’s social media manager is having fun this morning – and why not? They are again in a World Cup semi-final. They set up a poll and asked who would win. And the options are Argentina, Croatia and Croatia on penalties.

Are Croatia even in a tournament knockout match if it doesn’t go to extra time and penalties? Their record is impressive in that regard. Ed Aarons reports how Dominik Livakovic is set to repeat his heroics against Argentina:

Livakovic – the son of Zdravko Livakovic, a former state secretary of Croatia’s Ministry of Transport – made his debut for Dinamo’s first team in October 2017, having previously played for amateur side NK Zagreb. Two years later, he broke a record that stood for more than 20 years for most minutes of the start of Dinamo’s season without conceding a goal.

Livakovic was Subasic’s deputy at the 2018 World Cup as Croatia made it all the way to the final in Russia before losing to France. “Everything was particularly emotional,” he said in an interview a few months later. “Apart from the result, which is the biggest in the history of Croatian football, the emotions that stayed the most in my memory at the last World Cup in Russia are the moments when our passage depended on penalties. It is something that can hardly be described in words: I screamed, laughed and cried at the same time.

Read more here: Ed Aarons – Dominik Livakovic ready to repeat heroics against Argentina

Not just any game day, Croatia said, it’s an epic game day. I honestly can’t wait for any of these semi-finals and I just can’t call who we’ll see in the final on Sunday.

Speaking of being sarcastic about things, I felt yesterday that I might be a little demonstrative about the Fifa technical study group briefing that took place, and seemed to be some kind of “death by PowerPoint” event. Barney Ronay, on the other hand, is in Doha and decided to go with a high two-footed tackle overnight:

These occasions are part of the treadmill of big football events. Qatar 2022 took its last, choreographed deep breath, hitting the bridge before the final push. It’s now time for the football version of those moments in The Office where we watch the printing plates wobble, load blank sheets, something to feed the machine between beats.

This is when we get the Fifa Technical Study Group media briefing, there to fill the empty air with words. The job here, as everywhere, is to reinforce and justify every aspect of this World Cup. Pascal Zuberbühler basically talked about how successful he thinks FIFA’s new rules for staying on goal are. Earlier, Zaccheroni praised the “technical” effects of five subs and mass extension.

Nothing is bad in this room. Everything is good, better, progress. At some point, everyone on stage parroted the (arguable) line that this World Cup is a showcase for emerging powers – because of course this is a way to sell the expanded version next time out.

Read more here: Barney Ronay – Welcome to Fifa’s Technical Study Group: nothing is bad, everything is good



Hello! Football is back! Short. This evening. There are only three competitive matches of the Qatar World Cup to go, and one of them is tonight. Strap in for Croatia v Argentina in Lusail for a place in Sunday’s final. 19:00 GMT.

A Messi-driven Argentina will be looking for their sixth finals appearance and their last chance to lift the trophy. For Croatia, a team that has remarkably never reached at least the semi-finals if they manage to get out of their group, it is a chance for a second successive final, and possible redemption against France for the 4-2 defeat of 2018.

As well as the build up to that, we should also have media appearances from the France and Morocco camps, more speculation about the future of England’s Gareth Southgate, probably get some club football gossip back, and I’m being sarcastic about things. Drop me a line at [email protected]

Who qualifies for semi final FIFA?

Who qualifies for semi final FIFA?

The FIFA World Cup 2022 has finished after the conclusion of the quarter-final matches. The four teams that are in the semi-finals of the championship are Argentina, Croatia, France and Morocco. Morocco became the first African country to qualify for the semi-finals.


Where will the World Cup 2022 start?

Where will the World Cup 2022 start?

Where: The opening match as well as the final of the 2022 FIFA World Cup will take place at the Lusail Stadium in Doha, Qatar. Other games will take place here as well as at other stadiums throughout the country.

In which cities will the World Cup 2022 be?

What are the 2022 World Cup schedule?

December 3-6 – The round of 16 of the World Cup begins. December 9-10 – quarter finals of the World Cup. December 10 – The championship resumes. December 13-14 – World Cup semi-finals.

Where is FIFA World Cup 2022 schedule?

FIFA World Cup 2022 will be organized from November 21, 2022 to December 18, 2022 in Qatar as FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule is updated below.

Which countries are in semi final?

Which countries are in semi final?

France, Croatia, Argentina and Morocco are the four teams that will play in the semi-finals. The 2022 FIFA World Cup quarter-finals saw a thrilling finish as it was a roller-coaster ride for many teams.

Who qualified for the FIFA 2022 semi-finals? Argentina, Croatia, France and Morocco are the four teams that have qualified for the semi-finals. The World Cup resumes when Argentina face Croatia in the semi-finals on December 14.

Which 4 teams are in semi-final?

Just four teams remain at the World Cup in Qatar: Croatia, Argentina, Morocco and France.

Which teams qualified for semi-final?

Argentina, Croatia, France and Morocco are the four teams that have qualified for the semi-finals of the marquee tournament. Argentina is now all set to play Croatia in the first semi-final on 14 December 2022 at 1230 midnight Indian Time at the Lusail Iconic Stadium, Qatar.

Why Italy is not in World Cup 2022?

* The Italians, who have not missed the World Cup since the 1958 final in Sweden, Andrea Barzagli, Daniele De Rossi and captain Gianluigi Buffon all announced their retirement from the national team immediately after the match.